Dawit W Giorgis

Major Dawit W Giorgis served as P.S of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Governor of Eritrea (prior to independence) and Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner during one of the most publicised famine relief operations. He later served as UN consultant in 11 African conflict and post conflict countries; was a visiting fellow at Princeton University, University of Cape Town and Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Wash, D.C. at different times. He has published four books , several articles, and several research works more recently on The Iran Saudi Rivalry and the Scramble for the Horn; Ethiopia: The Realignment and Buildup of Forces in the Horn of Africa; War Ravaged Africa and the Myth of Africa Rising; Ethiopia and the United States: Can the Crisis be Prevented?; Organ Trafficking and the African Migrants; Border Walls and the Rise of the Right; and more which can be found on the website of AFRICAISSS. www.africaisss.org. He has made presentations in many international conferences on Terrorism and Transnational Crimes in Africa.
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