Government’s Relentless War on Amhara Region: Over 27 Innocent Civilians Killed in Latest Ethiopian Troop Attacks

In a series of brutal attacks, Ethiopian troops have killed at least 27 civilians in the North Shoa and North Gojam zones of the Amhara region, BBC Amharic reported. The killings, which occurred on Monday, June 25, and Wednesday, June 27, highlight an alarming trend of continuous violence against civilians in the region.

Attack on Shola Meda-Shewa

On Wednesday, June 27, government troops attacked Shola Meda, a small village outside Debre Sina in the Tarma Ber woreda of the North Shewa Zone. According to witnesses, at least 15 civilians were killed and four others were wounded in the attack.

A survivor recounted that the incident took place shortly before midday at the Agam Ber Megentia area of the village, where farmers had gathered to collect fertilizers. “Between nine and 12 soldiers came directly and opened fire at the fertilizer store,” the eyewitness said, noting that farmers waiting to collect fertilizer, including himself, were targeted.

The witness also reported that soldiers broke into a café named Mamush and killed eight patrons, including a 14-year-old boy. Another eyewitness described escaping the attack by jumping through a cave while soldiers shot indiscriminately, killing several people.

Attack on Adet Town-North Gojjam

In another incident on Monday, June 25, 11 civilians were killed in Adet town, located in the North Gojjam Zone of the Amhara region. Town residents described the attack as a revenge killing by uniformed government forces following clashes with the Amhara Fano resistance forces, where the government forces reportedly suffered heavy losses.

“When Fano controlled the town for a day and then left, government soldiers began shooting at everyone they could find out of anger over their defeat,” a resident explained. Witnesses stated that the killings took place after Amhara Fano freedom fighters had left the town, with government forces accusing villagers of providing information to the militants.

Continued War on Amhara and Government Silence

The Ethiopian government has not commented on the killings. These attacks come amid escalating war in the Amhara region, which has been under a state of emergency since August 2023. Amnesty International reported that the Ethiopian authorities have used the state of emergency to silence peaceful dissent by arbitrarily detaining prominent politicians and journalists. The state of emergency gives authorities sweeping powers to arrest suspects without a court warrant, impose curfews, restrict the right to freedom of movement, and ban public assemblies or associations.

Eyewitnesses and residents told the BBC that government forces carried out the attacks from house to house and on the road in both North Shewa and North Gojam zones. The attacks have plunged the region into deep mourning, with commercial establishments closed and a seven-day prayer and justice program announced in the church from Tuesday.

At least 27 civilians were killed by Ethiopian troops this past week in the North Shoa and North Gojam zones of the Amhara region, according to BBC Amharic

In addition to extrajudicial killings, the Abiy Ahmed Ali regime’s actions in the Amhara region involve targeting civilians with drones and heavy weaponry, leading to mass displacement, food insecurity, and disruption of education and health care.

The Amhara region is engulfed in deep mourning. Commercial establishments have closed, reflecting the collective grief and the gravity of the situation. From Tuesday, a seven-day prayer and justice program has been announced in local churches. This initiative symbolizes the community’s profound sorrow. The program seeks to honor the victims and demand justice.

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