Breaking News: Tigray Re-annexes Telemt, Dissolves Amhara Administration Amidst Mass Displacement

In a significant and controversial move, the Prosperity Party regime and the TPLF (Tigray Region Government) have re-annexed Telemt to Tigray, dissolving the Amhara administration in Telemt Woreda (North Gonder Zone, Amhara Region). This development, reported and confirmed by the Amhara Association of America, marks a key objective in their ongoing war against the Amhara people.

War updates from Amhara Region, Ethiopia

The annexation, which took place on June 28th, 2024, has led to the mass displacement of residents. Armed Tigrayan settlers and Tigray Region Forces from Shire, escorted by Federal Police and regime soldiers, have forcibly displaced over 3,800 residents to Adarkay. Among those displaced are women and children in urgent need of humanitarian relief.

In the wake of the annexation, regime forces are conducting searches in various areas, including May-Temri, to remove Amhara administrators and seize their properties. This decision follows a secret meeting between Prosperity Party regime officials, military leaders, and Tigray Region officials in Endabaguna on June 26th. During this meeting, Abiy regime officials negotiated the entry of Tigray Region Forces with heavy weapons in exchange for the TPLF’s wider involvement in their war against the Amhara people.

The decision has been met with strong opposition from indigenous Amhara residents of Telemt, including members of the Telemt Amhara Identity Restoration Committee. These residents have protested against the Tigrayan occupation, citing years of atrocities, especially during the Northern Ethiopia War. In response, regime forces have launched a campaign of persecution, killings, arrests, and abductions targeting members of the committee and local Amharas.

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