Italian Minister Adolfo Urso Embarks on Strategic Visit to Eritrea

Adolfo Urso, Italy’s Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, has embarked on a significant mission to Eritrea, where he will stay until Wednesday, June 26. This visit is part of the broader Mattei Plan, which has seen Urso previously engage with Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. The mission aims to strengthen bilateral relations and explore opportunities for Italian enterprises in Eritrea.

During his official visit, Minister Urso is scheduled to meet with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and several key government ministers, including those from the departments of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, Transport and Telecommunications, and Health. He will also meet the Commissioner for Culture and Sport. This visit builds on President Afwerki’s trip to Rome in January, where he had bilateral talks with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, as well as the discussions held at the Italy-Africa Summit, which saw participation from leaders across the African continent.

“The mission will focus on enhancing bilateral relations and exploring opportunities for Italian companies in sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, port logistics, air transport, renewable energy, mining, textiles, agriculture, and agri-food,” reported Nova News.

As part of his mission, Urso will visit notable Italian establishments in Eritrea, including the Italian textile company ZaEr-Dolce Vita, the “Casa degli Italiani,” and the photographic exhibition “Annulliamo la Distance – Anladi.”

The delegation accompanying Urso includes representatives from major Italian companies such as Enel, Fincantieri, Ferrovie dello Stato, and Bonifiche Ferraresi. Additionally, the head of telemedicine from the “Agostino Gemelli” Polyclinic is present to explore new healthcare initiatives for the benefit of the local population.

Eritrea and Italy share a deep-rooted cultural and political connection. Italian is still widely spoken in Eritrea, and the country exhibits significant Italian architectural and artistic influences. Italy stands as Eritrea’s second-largest supplier and is the ninth-largest destination for Eritrean exports.

This visit is poised to bolster the historical ties between the two nations and pave the way for enhanced cooperation across multiple sectors, reinforcing the mutual benefits of their longstanding relationship.

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