BREAKING: TPLF Forces Launch Attack on Northwestern Amhara Villages, Resulting in Civilian Deaths and Destruction

Ethiopia: Today, June 4, 2024, a wave of violence has engulfed villages bordering Debark Woreda and Welkait in northwestern Amhara as TPLF forces unleash a brutal assault. Reports indicate unarmed civilians are being targeted, with numerous residential homes razed to the ground, particularly in Duharg Zana Kebele, sparking widespread condemnation and outrage.

In a disturbing escalation, armed forces from the Tigray Region have reportedly seized full control of all kebeles in Raya Alamata and Raya Bala. This development comes from the interim administration of Raya Alamata woreda, established in the wake of the ongoing conflict.

The security situation, which has persisted for over a month, has resulted in the displacement of more than 45,000 residents to North Wollo, South Wollo, and Wag Hemra Zones. Mulugetta Asmamaw, the woreda administrator, has spoken out against the occupying forces, accusing them of egregious human rights abuses in the areas under their control.

Haftu Kiros, administrator of the Tigray Interim Regional Administration Southern Tigray Zone, has refuted these allegations, asserting that the forces in question have not taken full control of the area. He claims their actions align with the Pretoria agreement and dismisses accusations of human rights violations as baseless.

The situation continues to evolve rapidly, with tensions reaching a critical point as violence escalates in the region. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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