Amhara Forces Leadership Responds to Ambassador Massinga’s Call for Peace

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The leadership of the Amhara forces, Fano, has issued a statement in response to U.S. Ambassador Massinga’s recent call for peace. While acknowledging the ambassador’s appeal as a constructive step, Fano expressed concern over what they described as a misrepresentation of their stance on negotiations.

Ambassador Massinga’s speech suggested that Fano was opposed to any form of negotiations or peaceful resolutions, a depiction that Fano leadership insists is inaccurate. They reiterated that both the Amhara people and Fano leadership have consistently demonstrated their commitment to peace, particularly through numerous peaceful protests aimed at urging the federal government to halt the mass killings of Amhara people nationwide.

Over the past six years under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, the Amhara community has faced repeated marginalization, dispossession, and displacement. Fano pointed out that these issues have been met with peaceful attempts to persuade the government to address the violence against their people.

The Amhara Fano leaders emphasized that the Amhara people are facing similar, if not greater, atrocities today than during the fascist occupation. They detailed a series of massacres and ethnic cleansing campaigns against the Amhara population, accusing the current Ethiopian government of systematic and widespread human rights abuses.

Fano’s response highlights a nuanced stance on peace and negotiations, countering the narrative that they are against dialogue. Their emphasis on external mediation reflects a deep mistrust of the current government’s willingness to engage in fair negotiations and address the concerns of the Amhara people.

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