Escalating Violence in Amhara Region of Ethiopia as Drone Attack Targets Civilians

Addis Ababa. In a tragic turn of events, a drone attack has targeted innocent civilians in Northern Shewa, Amhara region of Ethiopia. The attack, allegedly orchestrated by the Oromo-led Prosperity Party, resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians, including teachers and students at a local school, intensifying the already fraught tensions in the region. This violent incident is part of a series of escalating conflicts that have plagued the Amhara region, contributing to a worsening humanitarian crisis.

On the same day, PM Abiy Ahmed made a public call to Fano Leaders—freedom fighters resisting what the Oromo-led apartheid regime—during a bridge inauguration ceremony in Bahir Dar. This appeal is widely viewed with skepticism, perceived as a strategic move to weaken the ongoing resistance against a regime accused of systemic oppression, ethnic cleansing, and displacement of the Amhara ethnic groups over the past six years. Reports indicate that the conflict has led to significant human rights abuses, including arbitrary detentions and extrajudicial killings of ethnic Amharas.

The skepticism stems from the Prime Minister’s inconsistent rhetoric, wherein he articulates different messages depending on his location, speaking one way in the Amhara region and another in the Oromia region. A recent speech delivered by the Prime Minister in Nekeimt, Wollega, and Oromia regions exemplifies this disparity, as he questioned, “How did those who are immoral subjugate us for the past 100 years?” and asserted, “The enemy now knows what the Oromo government can do.” The terms “immoral” and “enemy” are understood to reference Amharas

The refusal of the Fano Leaders to respond to Abiy Ahmed’s call underscores the deep mistrust and skepticism within the Amhara community towards the government’s intentions and actions. The community views the government’s efforts as insufficient and insincere, given the persistent violence and lack of accountability for atrocities committed against the Amhara people. This incident highlights the urgent need for meaningful dialogue and substantial actions to address the deep-seated grievances and restore peace and justice in Ethiopia.

The international community is urged to hold the current regime accountable for its actions and support efforts towards peace and stability in the region. This includes pressing for an independent investigation into the drone attack and other human rights violations, providing humanitarian aid to affected communities, and facilitating inclusive peace talks that address the root causes of the conflict. Ensuring the protection and rights of all ethnic groups in Ethiopia is crucial for achieving long-term peace and stability in the region. Furthermore, there is a call for increased international diplomatic pressure to end the violence and support for initiatives aimed at fostering ethnic harmony and national unity.

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